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New lock installation is our area of expertise. We are in this business long enough to know that good installation forms the right foundations upon which you can build strong and resistant entry points. We are masters in security issues and can be of excellent assistance whenever you feel uncomfortable at home or want to refresh the security system at your company. Locksmith Edmonton has the pleasure of working with some of the most intelligent professionals in this business and also owns some of the most high tech equipment in Alberta. With such good foundations we can certainly build strong worlds, too!Lock change Edmonton

Lock replacement will change your world

Our Edmonton Lock Change teams are extraordinary. Our secret is that to we hardly focus solely on the actual installation of the bolt. Our emphasis is initially given to the particular needs of each property and what bolts will make it more resistant without imprisoning the residents or employees. What kinds of dead bolts are appropriate for each entry? These questions must be answered first and then we proceed with deadbolt installation. Of course, the capacity of our technicians to install bolts properly is amazing! Most definitely, we are all well-trained, discreet, experienced and motivated by each property’s need to increase further security.

Key change is also a solution

Most certainly, our job does not stop with Lock Change in Edmonton. We are experts and can assist you picking the right bolts but we can also repair them. We are definitely masters in lock rekey and will change your keys with great care and precision. Our teams will replace any lock of any cabinet and internal door but they will also replace damaged and missing keys. We have the machinery and definitely the knowledge to do everything with perfect accuracy and professionalism. So, do you need safe installation? Why don’t you give the best in Edmonton a call today?