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Edmonton Certified Locksmiths helped me out of a serious jam. I foolishly left my keys at home one day, not realizing until I returned from work. Fortunately, the locksmith they sent was able to pick my lock without damaging it, and I was inside again quicker than Usain Bolt. Needless to say I’ve taken to checking for my keys before I leave now. I wholeheartedly recommend ECL.

Kevin D.


These guys are great. Some kind soul decided to burglarize my house when I was away on vacation this past June. I got back to find the house resembled a warzone. Called these guys and they sent a locksmith around the same day. He replaced all of my locks, checked my doors and windows were still safe, and then organized a duplicate key for me. Top job done quickly. Thanks.

Tilda D.


I run a small business and we recently moved premises. Our filing cabinets were locked securely for transportation but in their infinite wisdom, the removals company managed to lose all of the keys (they were placed in a container). Not wanting to use a crowbar to open the cabinets, I called Edmonton Certified Locksmiths and they sent somebody to open the cabinets. He also rekeyed the locks and gave us new keys, which are now safe and sound, and nowhere near a removal man. All of this was done in a morning and was a lot cheaper than buying new cabinets.

Wanda V.


I called on Edmonton Certified Locksmiths last month as I snapped my front door key while it was in the lock. I tried everything to get it out but nothing worked. Fortunately, the locksmith that visited had it out in a matter of seconds. Shows what the right tools can do. Use this locksmith if you want quick and cheap service.

Erica B.


The lock on my patio door was damaged during an attempted break in. Fortunately the intruders were scared off when we turned the lights on. Edmonton Certified Locksmiths came out the next day and replaced the lock. They also checked the door wasn’t structurally damaged. All in all they offered good service and a good price. What more can you ask for?

Bruce P.


Somehow managed to lock my keys in the car the other day. Still scratching my head how. Anyway, I contacted Edmonton Certified Locksmiths. Their locksmith managed to get into my car using something like a Slim Jim. It took seconds! No damage to the car either. Excellent job.

Frank C.